Additional Fees

Loss Mitigation Fees 
Field Services (door knocker)See Additional Services
Trial Payment Plan
Trial payment plan is 3 to 6 fixed payments.
Forbearance Plan negotiation and setup$350 + $75 setup
Loan Modification negotiation and completion (simple)$450 + $75 setup
Loan Modification negotiation and completion (complex)$700 + $75 setup
Combo Forbearance + Loan Modification$550 + $75 setup
Short Sale, Payoff, Satifaction of Debt, Settlement+Minimum $1000.00 or 3% of settlement amount, whichever is greater + $150 doc fees.
Deed in Lieu/Cash for Keys Coordination$175 + Attorney fee
Quit Claim deed$150 per loan
Deferral Agreement: Defer past due amounts to bring Loan 'Contractually Current'.$175 per loan
Extension Agreement: Extend Loan Maturity Date$175 per loan
Assumption Agreement$200 per loan
Property Preservation$35 per occurance + Third Party fees
Reinstatement+Minimum $500 or 3% of reinstatement, whichever is greater.
Refinance Coordination$800
Reinstatement+Minimum $500 or 3% of reinstatement, whichever is greater.
Hardest Hit Fund per approved Loan$150 setup
Hardest Hit Fund payment processing$25

Bankruptcy Fees 
Bankruptcy Coordination and Setup$200
Bankruptcy - Amended Proof of Claim$125
Bankruptcy - Notice of Payment Change$75
Bankruptcy - Notice of Post Petition Fees & Charges$75
Bankruptcy - Transfer of Claim$50

Foreclosure Fees 
Foreclosure Coordination$200 per loan
Legal document review and execution (Amounts due & owing, Foreclosure Affidavit, etc.), only for loans in NPN no collections$75
Foreclosure Registration in required States (NY, NC, etc.)$150

Document Fees 
Assignment Preparation$125 per loan
Assignment Recording$25 + filing fees per loan
Allonge Preparation (attached to note)$50 per loan
Demand for payment Letter sent by Madison (not pre-foreclosure notice)$50
Document Housing$40 per loan/year
Lien Release$150 + filing fees per loan
Maturity Notice: preparation and mailing$45 per loan
Payoff Request: Lender pays$15 per loan
RESPA Dispute Response - QWR$400 per occurrance
TILA ownership transfer$25 per loan

Additional Fees 
BPO$125 - Exterior
$140 - Interior
Servicing Transfer out: proof of new servicer license required$65 per loan
Servicing Transfer out less than contract minimum.$300 per loan
Escrow/Impounds research if needed$150 per loan
Escrow/Impounds Added to an existing loan on any program$50
Forced Placed Insurance (FPI) administrative fee (annually)$30
Late Fees %50% of paid late fee
LITIGATION/FORECLOSURE APPEARANCE COSTSStaff $150/hour & Mgmt $350/hour or portion thereof (Requires $4500 retainer deposit)
Loan Reset (modification, deferral, forbearance, HELOC reset, complex loan terms)$150
Title Report (O&E Report)$150
Questionnaire completed by Madison for any reason$150
REO Management$95 loan/month

Web System Access No Charge
Vendor Management No Charge

ACH Deposits – No Charge
Direct Deposit – $5 per transaction
Wire Transfers $40 Per transaction

Special Reports/Special Projects – $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum and $850.00 maximum fee.
• Examples include: Financial Reporting, Specialized Reporting, and Loan Consulting.

+ Settlement includes lump sum payoff, graduated payoff, reinstatement amounts

* Fees subject to change

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