Performing Loan Servicing

Performing Loan Fees:

Peforming Loan Servicing Fees 
Loan Setup$40 per loan
$30 per loan for 10+ boarded at one time
Loan Setup: more than one Investor/LenderAdd $20 per additional Investor/Lender
Loan Setup: ARM/HELOCAdd $5 per loan
Loan Seup: with Escrow ImpoundsAdd $15 per loan
Loan Setup: Partial Note Sales$50 per loan
Performing BK or Forbearance Plan setup$150 per loan
Complex Loan Setup$125 per loan
Servicing fee: Loans up to $400k$20 per loan/month/Lender
Servicing fee: Loans over $400k to $1MAdd $5 per $100K or portion thereof, ($1M = $50); per month/loan/Lender
Servicing fee: Loans over $1M$50 at $1M plus $20 per $M or portion thereof; per month/loan/lender
Additional Monthly Servicing fee:$20 per Lender per loan
Performing Bankruptcy Plan$15 per loan/month/Lender
Variable rate loans (HELOC/ARM)additional $5 per loan/month
Optional Escrow Processing$15 per loan/month up to 2 entities (tax, ins) $2.50 each additional entity
Loan Reset feeSee Additional Servicing Fees tab
Late Fee50-50 Split between Servicer & Lender

Performing loans secured by a borrower’s primary residence that become 25 days delinquent will be subject to an additional $15 per month charge for 2 months to fulfill requirements.

Optional Escrow Processing:  When a borrower’s monthly payment on a performing first mortgage includes amounts for property taxes, home owners insurance and/or HOA fees, MMS will collect those funds into a separate account and disburse the funds to the appropriate party when they become due.  The fee is $15 per loan per month and will be added to the monthly servicing fee.

* Fees subject to change

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