Refinance Overview

What are some good reasons to refinance your mortgage?

  • Lower your payment
  • Take cash out to pay off high interest debt or improve your home
  • Pay off your loan faster
  • Get a low rate for the life of your loan

Refinancing Loan Options

Madison Management provides the flexibility you need to consider refinancing your mortgage. We have loan products for primary residences, second/vacation homes and investment properties. Here are our most popular offerings:

Mortgage Type

Key Benefits

Worth Considering If You…

Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgages

A low rate that never changes.

*The best fixed rates
*Your rate never changes for the life of your loan

*Plan to stay in your home for a longer period of time
*Have good credit

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

The lowest rate for the first 3-10 years of the loan for eligible buyers. After the initial term, your rate will adjust according to current market rates and may increase.

*The lowest short-term rates
*The lowest monthly payments for at least the introductory period of the loan

*Think you’ll be moving before being exposed to the risk of higher rates
*Have good credit
*Possess the funds for the required down payment

FHA Mortgages

Option 1: Loans with as low as 3.5% down payment and less stringent credit score requirements.

*Low down payment options
*Current FHA borrowers can do a streamline refinance without an appraisal
*Option of fixed-rate or adjustable-rate (ARM) loans

*Lack a good credit history
*Don’t have the funds available for a larger down payment

VA Mortgages

Government-backed loans offered exclusively to our valued members of the military.

*Low or no down payment
*No mortgage insurance requirement
*Flexible qualification guidelines

*Are an active military member or veteran
*Are the surviving spouse of a deceased service member who lost their life in military service

USDA Mortgages

Loan program for individuals or families who plan to occupy a single-family home in a designated rural area as their primary residence.

*No required down payment
*Competitive rates on fixed-rate loans
*Flexible qualification guidelines

*Live in a designated rural area
*Don’t have the required funds for a down payment

Flex-Term Mortgages

You choose the term of your mortgage based on what works for you.

*Refinance without extending the length of your loan
*Set your own payoff date

*Want to take advantage of a lower rate but don’t want to extend the length of your loan
*Would like your loan to sync up with a specific date, like your retirement

Investment Property Mortgages

Loans for a property used to produce a return on the investment.

*Competitive rates
*Reduced origination fees
*Can be fixed or adjustable-rate loans

*Have good credit
*Possess substantial cash reserves
*Are looking to invest or diversify your investment portfolio

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