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Madison Management has clients with single loans and clients with hundreds of loans. Our approach is that no portfolio is too small or too big for us to handle.  All loans are assigned to a customer service representative so they always have a single point of contact and get a real person on the phone.


If you’re past due or facing foreclosure, Madison Management Services may be able to work out a way for you to catch up or minimize the damage to your credit.  Madison may also be able to assist you in refinancing your existing loans into a new loan with a lower payment or better terms.


Madison Management Services, LLC provides servicing, asset management, loss mitigation and REO Management for investors of residential mortgages.

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We recently started our loans with Madison Management and wanted to let you know I am extremely impressed with your team. I have had more meaningful communication, in the last three days, with Shante, Damian and Margarita than I have had in 6 months with another servicing company. I am only sorry I did not use Madison Management earlier.

AlanPrevious Client

May I also note, this particular account has gone through several hands at Madison, and your work Mallory has been much appreciated. Thank you for your prompt replies and for showing great care to both myself and Ms. Andrews.


Thank you for all you guys hard work and thank you most of all for taking a load of my work day . You and your staff are wonderful . Have a pleasant day.

AnonymousCurrent Client

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the effort you made on behalf of Madison Management Services for getting my mortgage loan payment reduced. Madison Management Services has only been my new loan mortgage servicer for less than 3 months and it feels as if I have had a good relationship with them much longer.

Margarita contacted me before I could contact her, She contacted my investor and informed the investor of my financial situation. They both were concerned that I would not be overburdened with my payment arrangements so that that my forbearance agreement would be successful. We both reached an agreement that worked out for both parties. My loan payment is $ 497.00 a month starting May thru July 2015.after which time my loan will be modified. So far, I have sent in 2 payments and will continue to make payments going forward.

Thank you Madison Management Services for caring.

LorrainePrior Client

Kevin and his team have been a real asset to our company. As a non-performing note (NPN) buyer, I am looking for a servicing company that can help with all my loss mitigation needs such as forbearances, loan modifications, deed-in-lieu, short sale and foreclosure. They also provide monthly servicing once the note becomes performing for a nominal fee. Madison Management is a real hands-on company and one you can call with questions anytime and they will actually answer the phone and provide guidance based on their years of experience. I recommend that if you want to buy NPN or need a servicing company for your performing notes to call Madison Management for your entire mortgage note needs.



I just wanted to pass on how happy we are with Madison. The staff is truly a breath of fresh air. It is a real partnership and they are doing a great job. I also appreciate their patience as we learn NPL Manager, new portals, deal with accounting issues.

I kick myself everyday that we used “ABC” for so long.

Put us down on your list of clients that would be happy to give testimonials or be useful to Madison in the future.

All the best,


Switching to Madison is definitely making managing our loans more efficient. The self service platform is a big help in that it allows us to access all the relevant documents in real time including payoff statements, reinstatement notices, etc. It also allows both Madison and the lender to track conversations with the borrower in a shared log. All of this reduces frictional, unnecessary communication and follow-up. Their process oriented structure reduces the ad-hoc communication thus allowing focus on what is important in terms of servicing the loans. The actions on the part of the staff seem consistent, structured, and competent. When the customer service representatives are unable to answer questions or address an issue, it is timely referred to the right person within the organization.

What I did not expect is the very professional and competent follow-through of the staff. They put thought into what they are doing and add value in the process of ensuring that the loan paperwork is in compliance. It is apparent that the staff prides themselves in a job well done and providing a positive service oriented experience for their clients. I have routinely been pleasantly surprised by the service experience.

I would definitely recommend Madison to other lenders for both their systems and their people.

ChrisCurrent Client

I can't say enough about Madison Management Services, LLC.

From day one, with the onboarding of our Mortgage Note and to the finalization of all the pertinent documentations that needed to be reviewed, signed and recorded all within a timely manner while staying within the rules and regulation guidelines is most certainly not an easy task, but Madison Management makes it to be so. Not to mention the ease of their new system as a Lender is by far second to none. And I thought the previous software was just as good too. Ha ha lol!!😂🤣😅

And believe me, I've heard of horror stories of other mortgage services out there and feel so.. blessed to have been referred to Madison Management through another Real Estate Investor.

I highly recommend Madison Management Services, LLC for all your mortgage services needs.

You can thank me later.

You will be so.. glad you did!

Thank you Madison Management Services, LLC for putting the "P" in PROFESSIONALISM
It never looked so.. good. 😁👍

JenniferCurrent Client

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