Investor Forms

This page contains the forms to setup servicing with Madison Management Services, LLC. All forms are in Acrobat Portable Document Format or PDF for short. You will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader to view the forms. Click on the Acrobat Reader icon if you do not have this free browser plug-in already installed.

Madison Management Services will not service the following types of loans: NEGATIVE AMORTIZATION, DAILY SIMPLE INTEREST Loans (interest accrual method from date received to date received), or any Notes that charge INTEREST ON INTEREST Or INTEREST ON LATE FEES.

*A complete Loan Servicing Setup must be received to start servicing.

*The Setup Fee is due at the time of Setup, with all documents/information, and is non-refundable.
*Missing documents/information requested by Madison Management Services must be provided within 30 days from initial Boarding or the loan will be deboarded.

*Loans can be prelim Boarded with copies of UNRECORDED documents, but copies of required RECORDED documents (Deed, Mortgage, Assignments, etc.) must be provided within 60 days or the loan will be deboarded.

In order to get set up and ready to go whenever you purchase your first notes or need to create another entity with Madison, you’ll need to complete the entity set up requirements.

We need you to complete the following:

  1.  W9 Form
  2. Investor ACH Form
  3. Servicing Power of Attorney Form
  4. Loss Mitigation Options

Depending upon the servicing program you need, please complete one of the following servicing agreements:

Please contact before completing “No Collections Servicing Agreement”

These forms are required for each entity that needs to be set up.

When you are ready to board your first loan, we require each lender to provide us with an executed Loan Intake Form.

If the loan is being transferred from another servicer, they will provide us with the electronic loan data.  If this is a seller financed note or you have been self-servicing the loan, then you will need to complete the TOS Import Template with the loan data so we can import the data into our servicing platform.

Please review the Loan Servicing Checklist to see the list of documents we require to service each of your loans that you are boarding with Madison.

If your loans require escrow services, we will also need digital copies of the most recent tax and insurance bills.

Our fees and services are outlined here.

We will also need you to generate a RESPA Goodbye Letter, that is sent to the borrower to notify them that their loan will be service transferred to Madison Management Services.  If you need assistance with this please let me know as I can provide you with a template to use.

Please note that we currently do NOT accept loans to service in the following states.  If you have loans in one of these states, please contact us to discuss, as we always review our portfolio to see what states we may need to add to our servicing portfolio.

  • Montana
  • New York

If you have questions, please contact: or call us at (775) 393-9611 to help you get started.

W9 Form – Click to Complete
Investor ACH Authorization Form – Click to Complete Agreement
Loss Mitigation Options- Click to Complete
Servicing Power of Attorney – Click to Download
Performing Loan Servicing Agreement – Click to Complete Agreement
Full Collection Servicing Agreement – Click to Complete Agreement
No Collection Servicing Agreement – Click to Complete Agreement
Please contact before completing “No Collections Servicing Agreement”

Loan Servicing Checklist – Click to download
Transfer Instructions- Click to Download
TOS Import Spreadsheet- Click to Download
Loan Intake Form – Click to Complete

Borrower Information Request Form
FPI Request Form – Click to Complete
TILA Transfer Notice – Click to Complete