Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Unique Identifier # 185724

Licensed Location in all cases is: 4600 Kietzke Ln, Ste K-225, Reno, NV 89502

Madison Management Services can originate and refinance loans in many of the same states.

Madison Management Services can service your loans in the states highlighted in blue

State License License Number Licensed By
Alabama Consumer Credit MC 22504 State Banking Department
Arizona Collection Agency CA-0929431 Department of Financial Institutions
Arkansas Collection Agency 4565 Arkansas State Board of Collection Agencies
Arkansas Mortgage Banker-Broker-Servicer 118181 Arkansas Securities Department
California Finance Lender Law 60DBO-130763 Department of Financial Protection and Innovation
Colorado Mortgage Company Registration 185724 Regulated by the Colorado Division of Real Estate
Connecticut Mortgage Servicer MS – 185724 Connecticut Department of Banking
Florida Mortgage Lender-Servicer MLD731 Florida Office of Financial Regulation
Florida Out of State Collection Agency CCA9902988 Florida Office of Financial Regulation
Georgia Mortgage Lender 42100 Department of Banking & Finance
Hawaii Exempt Out of State Collection COLAX 757 Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Hawaii Mortgage Servicer HI-185724 Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Idaho Mortgage Broker/Lender MBL-2080186724 Department of Finance
Iowa Debt Collector NOTIFICATION Consumer Credit Administration
Iowa Iowa Mortgage Banker license MBK-2020-0064 Division of Banking
Illinois Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee MB.6761106 Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
Indiana Collection Agency 11-0052 CA Secretary of State
Kansas Mortgage Company MC.0025559 Office of the State Bank Commissioner
Kentucky Mortgage Company MC717136 Department of Financial Institutions
Louisiana Collection Agency REGISTRATION Secretary of State
Louisiana Residential Mortgage Lending 185724 Office of Financial Institutions
Massachussetts Massachusetts Debt Collector DC185724 Office of Financial Institutions
Maryland Mortgage Lender 21265 Commissioners of Financial Regulation
Maryland Collection Agency 6591 Commissioners of Financial Regulation
Michigan First Mortgage Broker, Lender & Servicer FL0021466 Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation
Michigan Secondary Mortgage Broker, Lender & Servicer SR0023286 Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation
Minnesota Residential Mortgage Servicer MN-MS-185724 Department of Commerce
Missouri Mortgage Company 15-2250-S Division of Finance
Mississippi Mortgage Lender 185724 Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
New Jersey Collection Agency Registration 9999 Division of Revenue
New Jersey Mortgage Servicer 185724 New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
North Carolina Collection Agency License 109073 Department of Insurance
North Carolina Mortgage Servicer S-160885 Commissioner of Banks Office
Nevada Collection Agency CAD11285 Department of Business and Industry
Nevada Nevada Mortgage Company 4942 Division of Mortgage Lending
Nevada Nevada Mortgage Servicer 4942 Division of Mortgage Lending
New York(Buffalo) Collection Agency CAG13-10026335 Department of Economic Development, Permit & Inspection Services
New York Debt Collection Agency 1463851 Department of Consumer Affairs
Ohio General Loan Law Certificate of Registration SM.501911.000 Division of Financial Institutions
Ohio RMLA Certificate of Registration RM.501911.000 Division of Financial Institutions
Oklahoma Mortgage Lender ML012733 Department of Consumer Credit
Oregon Collection Agency Registration CA49774 Division of Financial Regulation
Pennsylvania Mortgage Servicer 68379 Department of Banking and Securities
Rhode Island Debt Collector Registration 20122871DC Division of Banking
South Carolina Mortgage Lender/Servicer MLS – 185724 Board of Financial Institutions
Tennessee Collection Agency 00001470 Department of Commerce and Insurance Collection Service Board
Tennessee Mortgage License 160789 Department of Financial Institutions
Texas Debt Collector 20110173 Secretary of State
Texas SML Residential Mortgage Company 185724 Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending
Texas SML Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer 185724 Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending
Utah Collection Agency Registration 7941003-0131 Division of Corporations and Commerce Code
Utah DFI-Residential First Mortgage Notification UDFI-RFMN2015 Department of Financial Institutions
Virginia Broker License N/A Bureau of Financial Institutions
Vermont Loan Servicer 185724-1 Department of Banking, Insurance Securities and Health Care Administration
Washington Consumer Loan Company CL-185724 Department of Financial Institutions
West Virginia Collection Agency Registration 2257-1266 State Tax Department
Wisconsin Mortgage Banker License 185724BA Department of Financial Institutions