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In 16 states and Washington DC, liens recorded by Home Owners Associations (HOAs) for unpaid fees can be ahead of the first mortgage in the same way as property taxes for unpaid property taxes. These liens jeopardize your secured position on the property and need to be addressed immediately. The following article from Sperlonga gives more details on this threat. Hidden Threat of HOA Liens on your mortgage

The 16 states are as follows:
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Washington DC


Kevin, We recently started our loans with Madison Management and wanted to let you know I am extremely impressed with your team. I have had more meaningful communication, in the last three days, with Shante, Damian and Margarita than I have had in 6 months with another servicing company. I am only sorry I did not use Madison Management earlier. Regards Alan


Andy, I want to drop you a note telling you how much John and I appreciate all your efforts on behalf of our investors and us. Among all the loan servicing personnel we deal with, you are by far the top performer. You are responsive, strategic in your thinking and, most of all, very effective in expediting loan resolutions in whatever form they might take. It in turn reflects well on us with our investors when we can report consistent progress in monetizing our loan portfolio based on your results. Because of your outstanding work, we plan to send 15 new loans we recently acquired to Madison for servicing. In addition, at the end of June we will be moving 5 more loans to Madison from another servicing company because your performance far exceeds theirs. Your work efforts reflect very well on Madison, enhancing our confidence in the company. Thank you for all your excellent work for us, Andy. Regards, Peter


Dear Kevin, I wanted to reach out to you and share a terrific experience I have had with one of your employees that has made me feel very comfortable working with your firm. Ivan recently negotiated the sale of a note that I had your firm service. I gave him latitude with his process and not only did he keep me well informed but negotiated a price 30 percent higher than I would have settled for. Rarely do I see such expertise and professionalism. I thought you should be aware of the excellent employee that you have. Signed, A satisfied client.

A satisfied client

Kevin and his team have been a real asset to our company. As a non-performing note (NPN) buyer, I am looking for a servicing company that can help with all my loss mitigation needs such as forbearances, loan modifications, deed-in-lieu, short sale and foreclosure. They also provide monthly servicing once the note becomes performing for a nominal fee. Madison Management is a real hands-on company and one you can call with questions anytime and they will actually answer the phone and provide guidance based on their years of experience. I recommend that if you want to buy NPN or need a servicing company for your performing notes to call Madison Management for your entire mortgage note needs. Randy